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    31st Jan, 2015
    Indian University Fair @ Bengaluru Campus

    SAT @ Vishakhapatnam Campus

    25th Jan, 2015
    Indian University Fair @ Vishakhapatnam Campus

    10th Jan, 2015
    2-Day Winter Residential Camp @ Vishakhapatnam Campus

    20th Dec, 2014
    Founder's Day @ Bengaluru Campus

    19th Dec'14
    Founder's Day @ Newton Campus

    29th & 30th Nov'14
    PCMUN 2014 @ Einstein Campus

    23rd Nov'14
    Spell Bees Contest @ Day &
    Residential Campus

    29th Nov'14
    Indian University Fair 2014@ Newton Campus

    19th Oct, 2014
    Spell Bees Contest @ Bengaluru Campus

    19th Oct, 2014
    Short Story Writing Contest Season II @ Newton & Einstein Campus

    30th Sep to 6th Oct’14
    Leadership Residential Program @ Newton & Einstein Campus

    28th & 29th Sep’14
    Dasera Camp @ Vishakhapatnam Campus

    27th Sep'14
    Corporate Sudoku Contest @ Einstein Campus

    26th Sep'14
    OAKMUN-2014 & Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad


    14th Sep'14
    Spell Bees Contest @ Newton & Einstein Campus

    6th September'14
    Create a Disguise @ Vizag Campus

    30th Aug’14
    Weekend Voyager @ Newton Campus

    30th Aug’14
    Weekend Voyager @ Einstein Campus

    28th & 29th Aug'14
    JMUN @ Mohali Campus

    23rd Aug’14
    Role of Fathers in their Child's Development @ Newton Campus

    20th Aug’14
    Treasure Fest @ Newton Campus

    10th Aug’14
    Weekend Voyager @ Vizag Campus

    25th & 26th July'14
    JMUN @ Newton & Einstein Campus

    21st July 2014
    Extra Innings @ Newton Campus

    18th July'14
    An Infinite Journey @ Newton Campus

    Starts 30th June
    Giant Steps

    13th June - 15th June
    Escape Velocity @ Bengaluru

    15th June
    Little RJ @ Einstein Cmapus

    2nd June - 7th June
    Oakridge hosts a 6-day IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools camp @ Mohali Campus

    19th to 31st May
    Summer Champs @ Einstein Campus

    21st to 25th May
    Junior Scuba Diving Course

    8th May - 13th May
    Oakridge hosts a 6-day IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools camp @ Einstein Campus

    4th May - 9th May
    Oakridge hosts a 6-day IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools camp @ Visakhapatnam Campus

    1st May - 6th May
    Oakridge hosts a 6-day IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools camp @ Newton Campus

    26th April - 1st May
    Oakridge hosts a 6-day IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools camp @ Bengaluru Campus

    April 26th & 27th
    Summer Champs - 2 Day Residential Camp

    5th April, 2014
    Short Story Writing Contest @ Bengaluru Campus

    13th April, 2014
    Creative Sundays 2014 @ Vishakhapatnam Pre - Primary Campus

    29th March, 2014
    IBDP Orientation Programme

    30th March, 2014
    Oakridge National Talent Search

    22nd March, 2014
    SAT Orientation Programme @ Visakhapatnam

    22nd March, 2014
    Skateboarding Workshop

    23rd Feb'2014
    Amazing Sudoku Workshop and Contest @ Visakhapatnam Campus

    23rd Feb'2014
    Painting Contest @ Einstein Campus

    15th Feb'2014
    Painting Contest @ Bengaluru Campus

    1st Feb'2014
    IBDP Orientation Program for Grade X Students @ Newton Campus

    1st Feb'2014
    IB Orientation Program for Grade X Students @ Mohali Campus

    10th Jan'2014
    6th Founder's day Oakridge Visakhapatnam Campus

    11th & 12th Jan'2014
    Winter Residential Camp @ Visakhapatnam Campus

    20th Dec'13
    13th Founders' Day @ Newton

    20th Dec'13
    2nd Founders' Day @ Bengaluru

    Starts On 14th Dec'13
    Oakridge Weekend_Voyagers

    14th Dec'13
    Career Cross Roads - Assessment n Counselling

    15th Dec, 2013
    Short Story Writing Contest @ Mohali Campus

    15th Dec, 2013
    Short Story Writing Contest @ Visakhapatnam Campus

    14th Nove'13
    Launch of The Acorn book

    October - A month of National and Global Eductional Trips

    on 14th Oct
    Students from Newton Campus went on Leadership program 2nd edition to Rishikesh

    Spell Bee Contest -
    Bangalore  I  Mohali  I  Visakhapatnam

    27th & 29th Aug'13
    OAKMUN - 2013 @ Newton Campuses

    On 25th Aug'13
    Short Story Writing contest @ Newton & Einstein Campuses

    11th & 17th Aug'13
    Spellbee contest @ Newton & Einstein Campuses

    Starts On 4th Aug'13, 2013
    Oakridge Weekend Voyagers @ Mohali Campus

    3rd & 4th Aug'13
    JMUN @ NewtonCampuses

    Starts On 23rd June'13
    Oakridge Weekend Voyagers @ Pre-primary Campus

    Starts On 20th July'13
    Oakridge Weekend Voyagers @ Einstein Campus

    Starts On 16th June'13
    Oakridge Weekend Voyagers @ Newton Campus

    27th May, 2013
    Oakridgers set their flag high in Grade XII – CBSE Results

    1st June to 10th June, 2013
    Summer Champ @ Mohali Campus

    23rd to 29th May, 2013
    Oakridge Summer Champ @ Pre - Primary Campus

    25th May, 2013
    Short Story Writing contest @ Bengaluru Campus

    18th May, 2013
    Little RJ HUNT @ Bengaluru Campus

    12th May, 2013
    Little RJ HUNT @ Visakhapatnam Campus

    5th May, 2013
    Oakridge Leadership Residential Program

    13th April, 2013
    Little RJ HUNT @ Mohali Campus

    6th to May 12th, 2013
    Oakridge Summer Champs - 7 Day Residential Camp @ Vizag Campus

    Every Sundays (Bigining 14th April)
    Oakridge Creative Sundays @ Vizag Campus

    6th to 18th May, 2013
    Summer Champs @ Einstein Campus

    April, 2013
    Oakridge Extra Innings @ Einstein Campus

    Aprial, 2013
    Oakridge Extra Innings @ Newton Campus

    23rd & 24th March
    Introducing country’s first ever IBDP camp.

    23rd Feb
    Oakridge @ ROB

    Auditions: 9th - 10th, 16th - 17th Feb, 201, Work shop:23rd and 24th Feb, 2013
    Music work shop with Ramana Gogula

    2nd Feb, 2013
    IBDP Scholarship Test

    2nd Feb, 2013
    Oakridge Vizag 5th Founders' day Invitation

    19th Jan, 2013
    Oakridge Rob @ Mohali

    26th Jan, 2013
    Oakridge Rob & Vizag

    6th Jan 2013
    Happy Feet work shop

    6th Jan 2013
    Oakridge Bengaluru Grand Launch Invitation

    December 29th - 30th, 2012
    Winter Camp

    15th Dec, 2012
    IBDP Orientation Work shop

    11th Dec, 2012
    Sound of Music – Musical Drama by Oakridge International School
    The greatest musical the world has ever listened and has watched on the celluloid is on the stage again. Sound of Music – the theater version of the 1965 classic epic is being recreated by Oakridge International School for the music lovers and theater enthusiasts of Hyderabad. For children and young adults, it will be a feast to experience those grandiose and larger-than-life sets on the theater.Come join to step into the soulful tunes of Sound of Music.

    6th Dec, 2012
    Founders day Invitation

    16 OCT 2012
    CBSE swimming meet results

    12 OCT to 14th Oct 2012
    OAKMUN 2012
    OAKMUN 2012 – Oakridge Model United Nations conference 12th Oct -14th Oct, 2012

    05 OCT 2012
    CBSE South Zone Swimming Competition for 2012-2013.
    Oakridge Einstein is hosting CBSE South Zone Swimming Competition for 2012-2013.

    01 Sep 2012
    Oakirdge Green Summit-2012
    The Oakridge Green Summit -2012 is a green youth conference - the first of its kind in our nation! Originally conceptualized by our principal Capt. Rohit Sen Bajaj, the Green Rangers of Oakridge Inte... more...

    25 Aug 2012
    Ethical Hacking Workshop by Ankit Fadia
    Ankit Fadia - India's renowned ethical hacker takes you into the world of ethical hacking on 25th and 26th August.

    28 Jul 2012
    Weekend Voyagers - An Exciting Weekend Learning Program
    Every Saturday starting 28th July from 9 AM to 12 Noon

    05 Jun 2012
    Results of CBSE Grade XII - 2011-12
    Results of CBSE Grade XII - 2011-2012

    23 May 2012
    Results of CBSE Grade X - 2011-12
    Results of CBSE Grade X - 2011-12

    28 May 2012
    Oakridge Boarding Campus Summer Camp in 7 towns
    This unique camp by Oakridge is from 28th May - 1st June ; 9 AM - 12 Noon.

    30 Apr 2012
    Oakridge Summer Champs
    Oakridge Summer Champs - A unique summer camp

    21 Apr 2012
    Oakridgers with the World's Best Universities
    Stanford, LSE, Cornell...College Placements 2012

    06 Apr 2012
    Closing & Re-opening Dates for the Academic Year 2011-12
    for more details click here...

    21 Mar 2012
    Program for Academically Talented - PAT Student Expo
    Program for Academically Talented - PAT Student Expo

    13 Mar 2012
    Call 1800-200-8171
    Admissions Open - Applications being issued across campuses, subject to availability.

    03 Mar 2012
    “The Great India Education Fair”, BANGKOK
    "The Great India Education Fair" at BANGKOK. Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, BALLROOM

    24 Feb 2012
    Great India Education Fair at South Korea
    Korean Parents and Students, meet us at Great Indian Education Fair on 25th and 26th February. KINTEX, Seoul (South Korea) as the Venue.

    21 Feb 2012
    Oakridger in one of the 12 Indian students to shortlist for the Global Space Contest
    Nitya Raju, Oakridger is shortlsted along with 11 other Indian whiz kids for the Global Space Contest

    19 Feb 2012
    Oakridge Visakhapatnam announces Smart Kid Contest-2012
    Oakridge Visakhapatnam announces Smart Kid Contest-2012. The contest will be held on 19th Feb, 2012 at Oakridge Visakhapatnam campus. Registration Free.