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    A pioneer in any field of knowledge charters a course of change. A change in the conventional wisdom keeping in mind the larger interest of an individual for one and society at large.

    Oakridge International School is one such pioneer in the field of education - introducing new generation education in India.

    High academic standards are symbolic of its ideology and commitment to academic excellence.

    Within the broad based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to develop and assess the critical creative thinking skills, flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others, and the grit and fortitude in the face of challenges.

    A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, support the education programme of the institution, for the ultimate Oakridge product- confident and active learners with a strong individuality.

    Core Values:

    Unity is harmony within and amongst people. It is built with a shared vision for the good of all and a common goal. Unity is appreciating the value of each person and their unique contribution. When there is willingness to accommodate others, unity blossoms.


    Stand by our words. Honesty in thought and action will lead us to truth, our ultimate destination.


    We are accountable for every action we take. Not just to our customers, investors, partners and mentors but to ourselves and to society at large.


    Bring joy, delight and a positive energy to every individual we interact with. The key to a new future, is the celebration of life.


    Humility teaches us to care for society and the environment. And, in moments of need, to lend a helping hand

    School Vision:
    Oakridge, a centre of excellence in education,
    believes that every child has a treasure within.

    The school kindles in children intellectual,
    emotional, physical and spiritual development.

    It aims to produce successful, responsible, creative,
    global citizens striving for excellence and committed
    to nature and progress of society

    It envisions a stimulating learning environment
    by providing highly motivated facilitators, innovative
    educational methods and quality infrastructure that
    will help to discover, nurture and bring to fruition
    the treasure within.
    School Mission:

    Oakridge International School will be a centre for excellence in education. In keeping with the rich heritage of India, it will stress the simultaneous development of the Spirit, the Mind and the Body and endeavor to send out compassionate, responsible and innovative students committed to change and progress in the development of India and the global environment.

    School Moto:

    Learning the treasure within

    Why Oakridge?

    Knowledge creates everlasting value, information doesn't.

    Oakridge International School is a proud mission-driven community of learners, immersed in an ethos of shared beliefs, achievement, and celebration.

    The Oakridge mission is committed to excellence, and the vision challenges for enabling enriched learners. As a 21st Century learning organization, Oakridge is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic, success-oriented education program empowering students with a global and local perspective.

    Oakridge is desirous to pursue an approach to learning that becomes a lifelong habit. With envious zeal it endeavours to help every child develop into a holistic personality.

    Every element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and effective skills of the students moulding each child's innate talents, to create a positive expression, capable of right action and attitude.

    As educators and parents what do we expect our child to create, impression or expression? Impression leaves its mark that can stand the test of time while, expression is momentary. Oakridge believes in indelible Impression.

    The culture of learning at OIS be it in the labs, the sports fields or the activity-rich classrooms - is a creative, active and memorable experience.

    The exceptional educators at Oakridge facilitate a learning process with challenging strategies that help children develop into responsible, caring and ethical world citizens.

    Complimenting this learning, Oakridge offers students an impressive array of co-curricular enrichment programs, including competitive sports, community service, students exchange and intercultural experiences, performing and fine arts, cooperative and service-oriented clubs, and numerous specialized activities.

    Oakridge strives to develop students into modern day "Renaissance men and women" with broad interests and accomplishments, ready to face new challenges, generate new ideas and venture into newer horizons.

    Curriculum Bandwidth

    Set on a world class campus, Oakridge International School is an academic institution with facilities to pursue diverse academic streams from Nursery to Grade XII.

    IB: The Switzerland-based International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) - International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme ( IB PYP) & International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme ( IB DP).

    CBSE: Offers an enriched National Curriculum -Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

    CIE: UK-based University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

    Mr.Shomie Das

    Shomie Das

    • Mr. Shomie Das is the man who saw tomorrow with Oakridge International School as his brain child.
    • The visionary guidance and effective strategizing of Mr. Shomie Das have been the source of strength, inspiration and motivation for every milestone achieved.
    • As Chairman (People combine Educational Initiatives) he is a quintessential guide for the newer generation.
    • Mr. Shomie Das brings with him an illustrious and envious experience in the field of education.
      Head of Physics Dept, Gordonstoun School, Scotland. .
      Has the distinction of heading arguably the three best residential schools of this country:.
      Mayo College - Ajmer.
      The Lawrence School - Sanawar.
      The Doon School - Dehra Dun.
    • Mr. Das has been a consultant to many schools in India and abroad. In 1963 he was also tutor to HRH Prince Charles.
    • An educationalist par excellence, Mr. Das has been instrumental in setting up many schools across the country.
    • Has been a keen observer of a variety of schooling systems in India and abroad in course of his long career as a school teacher.
    • Has successfully developed his own vision of education for the benefit of the newer generations in the 21st century.
    • We share his vision of a smarter, more intelligent generation of individuals who develop their potential to the fullest; value the resources of our planet; empathize with other human beings and are as adept at using cutting-edge technology while interacting with people from other cultures.
    • Here is the man who has not only been a witness to the struggling efforts & initial challenges but also the pillar of strength, helping transform Oakridge International into one of the finest institutes of education.

    Mr. T. Naga Prasad –People Combine Group Chairman


    • ‘To build a school is to build a civilization’ – a motto of Mr. Nagaprasad truly defines his astute personality as one of the stalwarts of the People Combine Group.
    • A post graduate in Mathematics, Mr. Naga Prasad is a keen observer, good analyst, apt in crisis management, effective motivator and a great team builder.
    • Mr. Naga Prasad’s varied exposure to the world of education and business has helped him build skills that include an intensive understanding of business strategy planning and implementation.
    • An inherent sense of authority & confidence exudes from his ability to dream big and execute the same.
    • Mr.Naga Prasad is a catalyst in facilitating every member’s learning & passionately renders value, combined with a willingness to help create a supportive community based on trust.

    Mr. Y. V. Rajasekar Babu – People Combine Group Managing Director


    • With a goal ‘To influence history instead of merely observing’, is Mr.Y.V.Rajasekar Babu , the other stalwart of the People Combine Group.
    • An aura of dynamism and brilliance surrounds the Group Managing Director who is passionate about taking on new challenges, as he holds the reins of the group.
    • A civil engineering graduate, Mr.Y.V.Rajasekar Babu is highly creative, an effective negotiator and an excellent organizer. With relation building a forte, he is an apt solution finder.
    • Concealed beneath his extremely affable personality, is his unconditional toughness of purpose.
    • With a relentless quest for accomplishment, his innovative ideas and entrepreneurial achievements reflect his innate talents.
    • Has an insatiable desire to strive for excellence with a steadfastness to achieve the same.