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Spoorthi program at Einstein

Spoorthi a weekend learning experience for the children of drivers and sub staff is an interesting and engaging activity for the students as it involves them in activities like drawing, painting, dance, music and also academic learning. It is an...

13 January 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Bachupally

Achieve Your Dreams

I believe that every child has a certain passion, and I can say that my passion is playing the piano. A few weeks ago, I had my Grade 6 piano exam. I have to say, that it was very tense and I started losing my nerves as soon as I entered the...

13 January 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Bachupally

Sports an integral part of Oakridge’s life

Sports help in building a healthy nation. Sportsman ship has to be inculcated from an early stage and that is precisely the aim of Oakridge. Catch them young is the motto and towards it students are trained in various games like soccer, cricket,...

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The role of play in children's learning

Role play is of experiential learning. Role plays function as learning tools for teams and groups or individuals as they "play" the skits in the class. The teaching and learning happens simultaneously. As students learn through their explorations...

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Learn by Exploring – My Stem Lab

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering & Maths. STEM Education offers Hands-on resources/activities in STEM fields that allow kids to build, tinker, experiment and explore while learning to apply scientific method.OIS Mohali has...

6 January 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Mohali

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