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Self Expression - Drawing

PP2 has a unit on 'How to express ourselves'. Expressing oneself through drawing/art is every child's favorite activity. Learners enjoy to explore their interests, this helps them think creatively.The teachers always record the learner's reflection....

30 October 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

"Show and Tell" Activity

Children should be able to demonstrate an understanding of listening and speaking skills for effective communication .One of the most important parts of Pre-Primary education is show and tell activity. This builds many valuable skills like self –...

28 October 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Game – Colours & Shapes

Colour and shape are two very noticeable attributes of the world around us. When you look out your window, you may not be saying it ... but your mind is noticing and identifying the green trees, brown rectangle buildings, square windows, and blue...

13 October 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

OAKMUN 2015 – The Bangalore experience

The 5th session of Oakridge Model United Nations, was held in Hyderabad from the 25th to the 27th of September at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre . Model United Nations(MUN) is an academic competition in which students learn about...

12 October 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Oakridge International School | Student Testimonial - IBDP Top Performer

Abhishek an IBDP Top Performer, Placed in Purdue University, shares his valuable experience of how the dreams of getting placed in top universities was made a reality at Oakridge International School. Plan a Visit

22 September 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

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