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Why are Stories Important for Children?

Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like friends. It’s also good for children to understand that books are a useful source of information and that...

28 August 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Guess who’s my Friend

The name itself gives an idea about the topic “Guess who’s my friend”This is of the best activity done with the kids ,as it increases their listening skills, concentration. They get to know more of their friends.Basically in this they are...

24 July 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Block Printing

When it comes to Block Printing people have different notion, but no one has a clear idea or picture of it. So here’s how Block Printing goes.Children were given different types of shapes ie., square, circle, triangle, rectangle etc..and were also...

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Dictionary Activity

Importance of VocabularyVocabulary learning is a vital part of education. As part of the language arts, it is considered a CORE subject in formal education. Vocabulary can be built chiefly by two methods: reading and formal vocabulary drill and...

5 July 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Students learning difference between telling and reading

There is a difference between telling and reading. Without the book as a barrier, the teller looks directly into the eyes of the audience and is free to use gestures, facial expression, and body movements to enhance the telling and this helps...

22 May 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

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