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Experiencing Balance and Motion-

Our current unit of inquiry is bout ‘Balance & Motion’.To facilitate experiential learning, we set up an obstacle course for kids to play, have fun and also learn about balance through their bodies.They learn the vocabulary associated with...

23 December 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Making them a performer

Performing on the stage, in front of people requires a lot of guts and confidence. Providing opportunities to kids from the very beginning to perform and present their talents in front of people and on stage helps in building their confidence and...

27 November 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Letting children develop ‘Self-discipline’

One of the best ways to let children develop their self-discipline is by giving them unstructured free play time. The fundamental requirement for self-discipline is to be able to listen to the inner voice that tells you what to do. When kids are...

5 November 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of any school. P.E. sessions benefit learners physical health. At Oakridge, there are two Physical education sessions in a week. Learners are always willing to run and the P.E. sessions are full of...

30 October 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Self Expression - Drawing

PP2 has a unit on 'How to express ourselves'. Expressing oneself through drawing/art is every child's favorite activity. Learners enjoy to explore their interests, this helps them think creatively.The teachers always record the learner's reflection....

30 October 2015. Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

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