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Why field trips play an important role in today’s education world?

Today, the power of real-world experience is crystal clear. In the present scenario, students are visual learners. School field trip is a one such effective education activity for the students that help facilitate fast and efficient learning. It is,...

20 September 2017. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Harnessing the power of people to fight 'Beach Trash'

Today, plastic has been found in 62% of all seabirds and in 100% of sea turtle species! A problem as big as plastic trash in the sea requires a big response.Oakridge International School in association with International Ocean Conservancy, USA, and...

19 September 2017. Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Preschool education and it's importance

Preschool education is very critical for a child. It’s those little activities offer certain benefits to a child in their early years’ education. The research says, the initial years of schooling lay the foundation of a child’s life, for their...

19 September 2017. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Importance of fostering the generational relationship

Wisdom is what we gain from age and our experiences over time are the only way to get there. Grandparents are one of the best examples of that, as they can teach us much more than anyone from their own life experiences. We all know grandparents...

18 September 2017. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

A picture can say much more than words!

Art showcase is a platform that recognizes the best individual artists. The goal of the showcase is to encourage the young artists and support educational development in the community. This provides students to participate and to present their...

14 September 2017. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli