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#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

At Oakridge, we believe that the treasure within a child has to be unleashed to truly inspire them to learn. And that’s why #Mychildtaughtme is so close to our hearts. The learning environment at Oakridge has helped many children to get...

10 November 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

Learning truly is not restricted with age. Children usually learn things from their parents, but, when a parent gets a chance to learn from their children, it is indeed a matter of pride for them. At Oakridge, we believe in unleashing the treasure...

4 November 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Learning to Learn throughout Life

No schooling system in 21st century India should be about spoon-feeding and programming pre-fixed content as given in textbooks into children generally by making them memorize the same mindlessly for regurgitation in tests and examinations as...

15 October 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

#OAKEXPERT Series : Developing Listening and Speaking Skills during child's early years By Adilakshmi Chintalapati

Here is our second feature from the #OAKEXPERT Series. In this feature, our in-house academic expert Ms. Adilakhmi Chintalapati gives you some easy tips to improve your child's listening and speaking skills during their early years.

14 October 2016. Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

The New Age of Education – Creating Self-Directed Learners

There  have been enough research papers written, articles published, speeches given  which points out what we already know. The present generation of students will  be in professions that have not even been conceptualized. ...

8 August 2016. Admin . 2 Comments . Gachibowli