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Making them a performer

Performing on the stage, in front of people requires a lot of guts and confidence. Providing opportunities to kids from the very beginning to perform and present their talents in front of people...

27 November 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of any school. P.E. sessions benefit learners physical health. At Oakridge, there are two Physical education sessions in a week. Learners are always...

30 October 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

OAKMUN 2015 – The Bangalore experience

The 5th session of Oakridge Model United Nations, was held in Hyderabad from the 25th to the 27th of September at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre . Model United Nations(MUN) is an...

12 October 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Story time

Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. They are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into a child’s language. Stories can help children learn about concepts...

10 September 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Experiencing Balance and Motion-

Our current unit of inquiry is bout ‘Balance & Motion’.To facilitate experiential learning, we set up an obstacle course for kids to play, have fun and also learn about balance through their...

23 December 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

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