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Oxford Summer Courses 2017 at Oakridge International School

Oakridge International School in association with Oxford Summer Courses recently conducted an intensive summer course in its Bangalore campus from 26 May to 4 June 2017. The summer program helped...

28 June 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

10 Ways to help your child fit into a new environment

Most children thrive on the familiar. The experience of being tossed around by the changes that come with a move can feel overwhelming, even if there are great things about a new house, school, or...

13 July 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Reflection about my Bowling to IONA’s Gayle Competition

Being the most passionate about cricket, what more can you expect when you get a chance to play with an international cricketer. Though I didn’t just get the chance, I won it! I won the 'Best...

11 August 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

Why International Schools in Bangalore are in high demand

In this rapidly ever-growing world, building world-class systems of education has been the top priority for every International school. Some of the most reputed international schools in Bangalore...

11 August 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

How reading books can change the world for students

Ever read a book and feel like you are actually part of that story and you are living in it? You may not literally be there, but you can experience it just the same. Well, that’s the power of the...

22 August 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Bengaluru

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