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Being the 'Best International School in the country' Takes Much More Than World-Class Infrastructure

The international education system has made a significant progress in recent years. The world-class infrastructure has a lot to do for successful studies in an international school. But, would you...

22 May 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Need for Outdoor Elements in Schooling

Rabindranath Tagore created India’s most celebrated open-air school in Santiniketan in 1901 in line with the schooling model prevalent in ancient India. A few years after that, a handful of...

5 May 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Reading for Pleasure and Learning

Can any discerning person question the fact that systematic development of reading skills is essential for the success of every school-going child today? Reading isn’t really indispensable in the...

23 May 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Oakridge Student in Indian Junior Basketball Team

Oakridge International School is proud to announce that Sriram Manthena of Grade 10 was selected in the Indian Juniors Basketball team and was part of the national team set-up at the recently held...

24 May 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Future entrepreneurs in the making!

Students from across the country participated in the intensive Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation program which took place from 23-27 May 2017 at Oakridge Gachibowli campus. The program was...

13 June 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

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