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Why is it important to develop an attitude of compassion in children at an early age?

The joy of giving or helping someone in need is incomparable. In today's world of rat race and self-centrism, it is improbable for individuals to pause, ponder and help someone in need. Thereby, it...

24 August 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

How students develop leadership skills during their education?

Leadership, as we know, is the art of motivating, influencing and directing a group of people to work together and achieve the goals of a team. In order to bring out solutions for the current...

6 September 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Encouraging the creative minds to think outside the box!

Design Championship 2017! A platform that gives school students an opportunity to explore, learn, & create, and to put their skills to use. This competition reignites their creative side by...

13 September 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

A picture can say much more than words!

Art showcase is a platform that recognizes the best individual artists. The goal of the showcase is to encourage the young artists and support educational development in the community. This provides...

14 September 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

Importance of fostering the generational relationship

Wisdom is what we gain from age and our experiences over time are the only way to get there. Grandparents are one of the best examples of that, as they can teach us much more than anyone from their...

18 September 2017 . Admin . 0 Comments . Gachibowli

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