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Block Printing

When it comes to Block Printing people have different notion, but no one has a clear idea or picture of it. So here’s how Block Printing goes.Children were given different types of shapes ie.,...

24 July 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Dictionary Activity

Importance of VocabularyVocabulary learning is a vital part of education. As part of the language arts, it is considered a CORE subject in formal education. Vocabulary can be built chiefly by two...

5 July 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Students learning difference between telling and reading

There is a difference between telling and reading. Without the book as a barrier, the teller looks directly into the eyes of the audience and is free to use gestures, facial expression, and body...

22 May 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag


Primary students can benefit from puppets through oral and language skills development. When a puppet speaks, children can listen, identify, and understand different words and phrases emphatically...

22 May 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

Science Exhibition

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”.Edward TellerStudents of Oakridge International School, Tagarapuvalasa conducted a science exhibition at the school on Wednesday 22nd April....

22 May 2015 . Admin . 0 Comments . Vizag

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