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    international_students_1Oakridge International School has always been a preferred destination to pursue world-class holistic education for the students across the world. Campuses of Oakridge across India attract the students from countries like South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE, Taiwan, Singapore., USA, Russia, Philippines etc.

    international_students_2Oakridge by offering internationally regulated curriculum powered by enquiry based and experiential learning system and with a top-notch school infrastructure has set the true standards for internationalism in school education in India and abroad.

    Various student cultural exchange programs, learning camps and various residential workshops of high quality attract the students from the above countries. Oakridge is proud of its international student base across its campuses that brought a true global perspective.

    international_students_3 Oakridge boarding campus at Visakhapatnam, India is turning to be the most preferred boarding school destination. With more than 50 students from countries like South Korea, Thailand and Nepal, Oakridge promises and deliver the spirit of international holistic learning under the branches of Oakridge.

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