Program: OISM MUN 2017

Oakridge International School, Mohali

Campus Location

Oakridge International School, Mohali

Date & Timings

: From: :2017-08-18
       To: :2017-08-19

: 9 AM to 06 PM

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Program Description

Oakridge International School, Mohali is hosting MUN known as OISMMUN 2017. MUN is a platform where students can learn about Diplomacy, International Relations, War and other International issues, United Nations etc. OISMMUN enhances  researching, public speaking, critical thinking and leadership quality of students. Students at MUN are addressed as delegates and these delegates come together to discuss and resolve International issues. 

Name of Committees 

Below are details of OISMMUN Committees, 

1. SPECPOL – Special Political & Decolonization

Topic: Mitigating and Treating the Effects of Atomic Radiation

About Topic: In today’s world, nuclear energy is seen as a prominent alternative of producing huge amounts of electricity. Within this regard, in contrast with the coral-fired plants, nuclear power has the eligibility to provide a sustainable, economic and clean form of energy to the electric industry. Despite all of the above-mentioned beneficial facts, nuclear power has several risks both to the human health and environment. In order to assess these; the risks should be divided into five categories, namely; nuclear accidents, environmental degradation, nuclear terrorism, the safety of spent fuel and radioactive waste, and nuclear proliferation. Hereunder, aforementioned categories will be analyzed and particular issues will be pointed out on the way to the solutions, except nuclear proliferation since the subject is included in security issues.

2. DISEC -- Disarmament and International Security Committee

Topic: Nuclear Disarmament

About Topic: With an aim to create a more peaceful world, this committee talks on spreading awareness for reducing weapons in the world. It also identifies threats to peace and finds solutions to international security. This committee believes that the world can become stable through cooperation. Countries can protect their people better if they work together for peace. For example, this committee might discuss how to keep weapons from terrorists. Or, how fewer weapons can make the world safer. Also, countries talk about policing weapons and finding ways to reduce the weapons they have. First Committee works closely with United Nations Disarmament Commission and Conference on Disarmament. They have passed resolutions on ammunition, military spending, and missiles.


Topic: Based on the post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction trilogy by James Dashner

About Topic: The Maze Runner Committee is based on a famous book series by James Dashner. It's about a virus called 'The Flare' and an organisation called W.I.C.K.E.D and its dangerous experimental stages on the remaining humans living who are carrying this disease in order to observe their brain and how well they cope with this deadly disease under difficult circumstances made by them. In this series, it focuses on the survival of the remaining human race and the extent that the world leaders can go for population control. In addition, the danger that is present and the risks that are being taken in order for a cure to be invented are beyond measures and human ability. So far, W.I.C.K.E.D has had two successful phases/experiments known as Phase One and Phase Two. Phase one consists of the Maze & Phase Two which was The Scorch Trial.


Topic: Drug Trafficking- A Global Concern

About Topic: The UNSCD committee is vital to ensure international stability. It works to formulate a comprehensive and coordinated response to the issue of illegal trafficking and abuse of drugs – a multidisciplinary topic encapsulating issues of human rights, health, and development. Essentially, it forms the central body for the formulation of drug-related policy by the international community. This is a discussion on the deep rooted problem, affected nations and practical solutions to eradicate the problem.

Secretariat for OISMMUN

1) Sehajbir Singh Kang: Director General:

Sehajvir Singh Kang is a rising sophomore at Oakridge International School and is absolutely delighted to serve as your Secretary General for OISM-MUN 2017. Sehaj’s prolific interest in the art of MUNing was first ignited at Oak-JMUN 2014, and since then, has predominantly contributed to shaping his path and personality. Sehaj is the serving School Head boy who believes that a MUN is a place to embrace new ideas and acknowledge the world as it is, with its beauty and its problems. He believes that MUNs not only help us learn but re-learn and re-learn in different perspectives every time. He enjoys new discoveries in IT sector.

2) Snehpreet Kaur: Secretory General:

Sneh is looking forward to OISM-MUN 2017, as a successful venture. Sneh was intimidated but enthralled by the power of podiums in Grade VI. In her spare time, Sneh can be found reading, running, listening to music, or visiting school library often. Having delegated, staffed, and served on the delegate throughout her years with MUN, Sneh fully appreciates the transformative power of Model UN to alter perspectives, generate passion, and create long- lasting friendships. She wishes all delegates an engaging and unforgettable experience.

3) Harmanpreet Kaur: Director- Maze Runner:

In her words, “I am Harman Sidhu, and I am ecstatic to be serving as your chair for the Maze Runner committee at JMUN'17. I am currently in the Grade X at Oakridge. I am passionate about MUNs and debates, and if not attending those, you would probably either find me enjoying a good book, dancing or bobbing my head to the great music. This committee looks to be a unique one at this year's conference, and I look forward to the great debate and innovative ideas, not to mention adherence to your characters. Being a Continuous Crisis Committee, we will be in a constant state of change due to improvised and scripted events that take place as the committee proceeds, depending on the actions you delegates take (or do not take). It's upon you to think on your feet, forge new alliances and ultimately resolve the issues at hand. 

The world needs your help. Will you, the delegates of this committee, save it from impending doom? 

Looking forward to the conference!”

4) Tamanpreet Kaur: Director DISEC:

Taman is currently a Grade IX student at Oakridge International School. With Model UN, she has grown to love this unique non-spectator sport both as a delegate and as a staff member. Of the many conferences she has attended, her favorite is OakMUN 2016, where she served as the Director of the general assembly. Other than MUN, Taman has participated in OakIQ quizzes, drawing and swimming. She is also interested in studying about new discoveries in Science. Taman is beyond thrilled to serve as the director DISEC Conference this year and looks forward to a fun and enriching experience for everyone at OISMMUN 2017.

5) Ipshita: Director: SPECPOL

A senior at OISM School, Ipshita has had a deep fascination for political and international developments since being introduced to MUN in Grade VIII. OISM-MUN 2017 will be her second fantastical conference. When not devoutly subscribing herself to the happenings of the world, Ipshita can be found doing swimming, playing basketball, skating, listening to music and reading the hot new policy. Ipshita cannot wait to hear impassioned negotiations from delegates in January.

6) Anam Sharma: Director: UNSCD

Anam is thrilled to be serving on the OISM-MUN Director for the second year. After being exposed to her first MUN in grade-8, she discovered that Model UN was a platform where passionate youth were able to voice their opinions and collaborate on global issues. However, OAK-MUN is the place where she truly discovered her enthusiasm for connecting with people: as a leader, a listener, and a diplomat. When not preoccupied with worldly issues or delegate rooming conundrums, you can find her reading, dancing and exploring a new world. Anam is ecstatic to be USG of Delegate Affairs and wishes for all delegates, staff, and teachers an extraordinary experience at OISM-MUN 2017.